Saturday, November 19, 2011

Autumn in Central Park

Yes it is cold but  beautiful crisp, cold ,clear  Autumn weather. Following John Stanwell's exhaustive list of places to eat we headed off to a Hungarian pastry shop near Columbia University where everyone was having intense, intellectual conversations or reading a book and tucking into cinnamon rolls.

Then we seemed to glide through Central Park on a magnificent day, Saw the usual hiphop/acrobat troupes, Capella singers, people running a 60 frigging k run around Central Park. Had our first hotdog and Raff saw where Glee and Gossip girl had romantic scenes.  Had a plan to go to two museums but Fifth Avenue and a few shops seemed to beckon us in.

Tiffanys was one of them but obviously didn't buy anything. Raffaela has been motivated again to earn money when she overheard the $6000 price of a piece of jewellery. Kept going to Times Square and was convinced by a street seller to buy a ticket to Hal's comedy show tonight. Cheap laughs for 10 bucks didn't sound too bad.

Our whole apartment is shaking to the neighbour's music - Harlem rocks. Another cool dude neighbour just returned something to my host - Harlem really rocks.

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